What You Say Girl?

Tee and Von both believe in the full support of other dope black women. Here you can find your TWSS approved resources for further learning, reading, studying or networking. 


Roni Dean-Burren

Doctoral Student/Activist/Kick Ass Mama

Roni, first caught the attention of Von in 2015 when she called out a text book publisher for falsely labeled slavery as "patterns of immigration. Since following Dean-Burren Von has found her to be a champion and support of black women, a wealth of knowledge on the education system and a petty kindred spirt. Learn more about Roni and her activism at ronideanburren.com.


Symphony Swan


Symphony is a loc rocking', breastfeeding, DIY-er, frugal, visual artist, amateur photographer, soror, art teacher, homeowner. What she most wants you to know is that she is the (single) mother of an AMAZING baby queen, Marli Amor  and Kingston Ase
Visit Symphony here to learn more and to view/purchase her art.



Leslie Mac

Ferguson Response Network/ Co-Creator: Safety Pin Box

Leslie Mac is a Brooklyn born & raised activist. This first generation American of Jamaican ancestry founded the Ferguson Response Network in 2014 and launched Safety Pin Box with Marissa J Johnson in 2016.